Welcome to Kelos' Maps of Arda website. Simple, not much here, except a file to download with maps to help you in your travels around Arda.

If you arrived here without knowing about the Two Towers MUD, you can click HERE for their website.

I hope you find the map useful.

The Map is made in Microsoft Excel, which may prove unusable by some of you. If that's the case, I apologize, especially to those Open Source people out there. I can only hope your other spreadsheet program lets you open Excel documents.

I owe a lot to the maps by Redjack and Ladykris who have this site: http://randkl.com/baradaeglos/ardamap.html. They gave me a good base for where things were, and how they looked, plus some of their own "places of interest" on the grid. Thank you!

Some benefits of the Map:
  • The Main Map of Arda is layed out on a grid, so it's easy to count the spaces to get to the next town, or point of interest.
  • Places are color-coded to represent healers, trainers, shops, inns, etc.
  • There is a sort of "database" of places, with directions. Shops, Food, Revivers, Armouries, Blacksmiths, etc., all sortable with a drop-down menu.
  • Take this with you on your laptop if you travel like I do.

    Finally, I welcome suggestions or additions to the map. I am by no means an expert at this game, I just love the Lord of the Rings, and really enjoy playing T2T. Making this map has been fun for me. However, I make mistakes and miss things, please Mudmail me with ideas, suggestions, corrections or additions here: Kelos@Valacirca

    Download the map here: DOWNLOAD (2.83mb - updated 3/17/10)

    (NOTE: If you don't have Microsoft Office, download an Excel Viewer for free HERE)

    I have plans for ER Maps, and have a partial done, but my FR character keeps me from doing much in that area. However, Jet mapped some ER towns and they are in the map as of now.


    3/17/10 - Fixed areas around Ithilien, Anorien, etc, where main East Arda Grid Map was changed. Started mapping Buckland. Yikes. Added a few other points of interest.
    7/1/09 - Fixed Harondor northern section, fixed river paths around Gondor/Harondor/Umbar, fixed northern Umbar, added partial Rhun map.
    5/22/07 - Mapped the small farming town of Galenwath in southwestern Harondor.
    5/10/07 - Mapped most of Pelargir (except the insides of houses, good luck with that). There is a flea market in there which may or may not be mapped at some point in time.
    4/6/07 - Mapped Harrowdale, minus any towns inside.
    3/1/07 - Big update to the maps. Inafiate has been doing some mapping to help my maps out and so I merged all his stuff into this one. Things added: Harondo, Near Harad, Umbar, Far Harad, Barad Dur Courtyard is completed, more of Mordor, Cirith Ungol, partial Lair, and additions to Moria
    12/6/06 - Various updates, a few new places, not much really.
    11/7/06 - Added courthouse to Lothlorien, completed some edge mapping around Rohan and Rhovanion, and mapped Erebor!
    9/23/06 - Finished maping Linhir
    7/14/06 - Mapped a lot more of Mordor, finished the mapping of the Pelennor.
    5/11/06 - Added Dol Amorth to the map
    4/19/06 - Mapped Thranduil's Kingdom finally.
    2/10/06 - Remapped Lothlorien due to the changes in the grid. Will map the new regions later.
    1/23/06 - Began mapping Mordor...eep! Mapped Dell's Farm for Tiresias :) Amazingly, found 22 more rooms of the forest that weren't mapped by Redjack. Unsure how many people know about them.
    1/15/06 - Filled in Mirkwood, added in some places of interest. Got about halfway done with the Region map. Also begain work on Near Harad, and also added some Legends to the city map pages for reference. Beginning a "remapping" of Minas Tirith, for things I didn't get in the first sweep. Mapped the First Level Defending Wall, and a few other places up to level 3.
    11/22/05 - Finished the mapping of MORIA! Huge place. Also, beginning a map of the Regions and their borders.
    10/20/05 - Okay...been awhile since we had an update. Mapped more of Moria, mapped around the outside of Mordor, the gate, etc. Also, just recently, mapped Kadar and the Outpost forHarondor and Near Harad. They are posted on the Large Map for easy reference. Also am planning on putting together a separate map with just regions on it.
    9/15/05 - Finished the main grid mapping of West Arda. It is all in color now and looks pretty sweet! Also began mapping Belegost, and am close to finished on it.Added some new places to the Places database area. Still have a lot to put on there.
    9/1/05 - Mapped Naucandor, newbie sewers in Grey Havens.
    8/15/05 - Fixed an error in MT, added Jet's ER town maps. Added a bit of the endless stairs down to a lake
    7/25/05 - Mapped a bit more of Rohan plains, added colors started mapping Fangorn.
    7/16/05 - Mapped the Dead Marshes with Tiresias helping me. A long 2 hour adventure! Turned up some interesting places. Finished mapping the Shire area, and the Grey Havens.
    7/6/05 - Added a little insert map in the main Arda tab for the "Small Valley" between Adornas and the Old South Road. Finished Level 1 of Moria, and have begun mapping level 2. Also, someone is begging me to map the Dead Marshes and while it's scares the crap out of me, look for it down the road.
    6/19/05 - Beginning the mapping of Moria, have some parts done. Finished mapping Edoras rooms, also updated the new Amruin Guildhall location, and took out the west gate of Edoras.
    5/27/05 - Began the mapping of Linhir, probably around 80% done with it. Mapped the areas between Edoras and North Rammas, the plains of Fenmarch and Anorien, starting to use colors for different terrains. Also dropped in Fangol's map of Far Harad, thanks Fangol! Also added the new Inn along the path from Edoras to Minas Tirith.
    5/5/05 - Filled in area north and south of Forest Road by the High Pass, mapped the area around Dale, the swamp and orc camp
    4/26/05 - Mapped north and south of Lothlorien, north of The Wild, Hollin, Enedwaith, Dunland and more around Adornas
    4/23/05 - Got rid of specific directions on the Places tab per Questinfo rules and Ainur suggestions
    4/22/05 - Released first version of map online